Quotes 'Child' Notebook
Quotes 'Child' Notebook
Quotes 'Child' Notebook

Quotes 'Child' Notebook

"An honest man is always a child" - Socrates.

The Quotes Collection - Swiss style graphics of a retro hue as well as the use of quotations from great creators of the past give the product a strong emotional charge. Combined with the symbolic value of the stone paper, makes it a very personal product, a second skin on which to carve thoughts.

We love these notebooks! Origin68 is the sole distributor of Ogami notebooks in the UK. Ogami make these little beauties in Italy from REPAP® paper which is made from 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3, also known as Chalk!) and 20% non-toxic resins. The calcium carbonate comes from limestone recovered from quarries and from building industry waste. Mixed with resins it makes a paper that is resistant, durable and waterproof as well as soft, smooth and recyclable.

The notebook has an uncoated 300 gr. paper cover , internal REPAP® paper 120 micron, handmade Point Singer binding, inside pocket and a leaflet explaining OGAMI® and REPAP® paper characteristics.

Choose from a range of three sizes; Mini, Small and Regular, available with either plain or lined paper.

Mini: 90 x 140mm, 48 pages.

Small: 130 x 210mm, 64 pages.

Regular: 195 x 240mm, 128 pages.

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